Summary of the First AMA

The first AMA was held at 13:30 GMT, on  June 19th, 2021

Works had been done from June 13th to June 19th

1.  Our Presale reached the hard cap and our token launched on pancake swap successfully

2.  First update of our website.

3.  Submitted for contract audit.

4.  Applied for coingecko listing

5.  Twitter promotion of NBTC with cryptocurrency influencer

6.  Youtuber vidoe promotion

7. promotion no1

8.  Gemspress trending no.1 

9.  Poocoin banner advertisement

10. Reddit CMS posts shilling

11. daily trending no.1 

12. Contacted DSBswap for the project corporation

13. Contacted CEX for listing application

14. Applied for listing project logo on BSCSCAN

15. Marketing in Asia, i.e. Indonesia, Chinese, and Japan. Build communities

16. Develop of yield farm

17. Development of air drop app

18. Made TG sticker for project


Near future work plan

1.  Continue to market

2.  Expand Chinese community and Indonesia community

3.  Apply for the trust wallet listing when we reach 2500 holders

4.  Apply for coinmarketcap when we reach 2500 holders

5.  Continue develop yield farm

6.  Second Update of website

7.  Continue to develop airdrop APP



 1.Are there any companies or elites in the society behind NBTC?

There is no company behind NBTC. NBTC is made by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts mimicking the Bitcoin journey and improving on it. The team is built by a group of anonymous elites.


2.What profession does the Devs have?  

Dev is a freelancer work on blockchain smart contract development.


3.When will you expect to reach 1$?

That depends on the market. We cannot anticipate it. We will definitely do the best of our job and bring more value to NBTC to help it reaches 1$. 1$ is far below our ambition btw.


4.What is your marketing and listing plan in the coming future?

For the marketing, we will put more effort into expanding the community in Asia, such as china, japan, and Indonesia.

We already established an Indonesian community and it grows steadily.

we also recruited 2 Chinese Moderators to start building the Chinese community on Friday.

Meanwhile, we start to contact the Japanese Cryptocurrency community and will start to have our expansion in Japan soon.

 About the listing, we will first get listed on Coingecko which we have already submitted our application and after that , we will apply for listing on trust wallet and Coinmarketcap. On our roadmap phase 3, we have a plan to list on first CEX. Actually, we have already started to contact CEXs. So we may have our first CEX list ahead of our roadmap. However, this is not a certainty. If you have any progress on this we will announce it on the telegram and Twitter.


5.Liquidity is locked for how many years?

Liquidity is locked for one year. When the time is up, we will continue to lock or migrate to a new pool according to the situation by then. i.e. We may migrate to pancake V3.


6.Coingecko application is put in as informed last 2 days, can dev share the application submission and post a pin in telegram group, that can help boost the morale in new and seasoned investors.

We already did that.


7.When is the soonest dev can list the coin in Coinmarketcap? Do specify which criteria we have not met etc. And I believe our strong community will and can make that happen faster or sooner.

When listed on Coinmarketcap is not determined by us. There are no specific criteria we have to meet to get listed.

However, in the list criteria section C which called evaluation Framework there are 8 factors that will affect when the applied project gets listed. If you are interested, you can read it on their site. So basically, make an early application does not mean you get an early listing. To get a fast list what we need to do is increase trade volume, expand community, make more progress in our project, etc. In a word, we need to have a bigger influence.


8.When dev plan to start to develop its own blockchain, i.e testnet then mainnet to keep the long term sustainability of NBTC coin?

We may eventually develop our own blockchain, that will happen when we have a huge and mature community. We are only a few days old, so it is still too early to talk about that. By now, we focus on the work written on the roadmap.


9.Can dev work with nano ledger or any cold wallet company to add NBTC as part of a coin to be stored in cold wallet? If we can do this, it will be huge! This announcement will also boost the mass adoption and mass purchases on NBTC coin which will also create a FOMO buy and hold. Like how people now know that if they have bought BTC back in 2009 and hold till today it’s 10million% up from 0.5$ to 50k.

Actually, as far as I know. ledger support asset from BSC, So you can store your NBTC in Nano Ledger Cold wallet. I recommend if anyone has a ledger cold wallet please try to store NBTC in your wallet and make a video or take pictures of it. You can find instructions on we will announce on our Twitter and website to broadcast it if you were a success.


10.What's our price target?

To the moon.


11.Can we have a global like countries group?

Yes, as long as our community keeps expanding.


12.What's the team's goal for future development? For example, are we going to become a peer-to-peer online currency like bitcoin but better?

Yes, that is our goal. To substitute bitcoin, be a better Bitcoin.


13. What will be the future workability of the project? I mean implementation of the token.

To substitute bitcoin in all aspects. Basically, NBTC can do everything BTC can, and also can do things BTC can’t.


14.Have the president of EL Salvador reach out on Twitter to accept your 100,000,000 coins?

Not yet, but we will keep trying, and make NBTC exposed to more ppl. We believe one-day ppl will accept NBTC donation as NBTC’s value grows.


15.Any burning formula?

No burning so far.


16.What is the project that is different from this coin and other BTC coin copy, for example like bitcoin asset (BTA), what is the project for the next one that can be wondered by this coin does not end like a BTA.
From my understanding, besides we all have BTC in the name, the idea of these two projects is totally different.

We are making a better BTC, while BTA is not aiming to be another BTC, but more like to be another Ethereum or Binance. if they make it very successful. Furthermore, even same idea but run by a different team, the outcome will be different. So I think what their project will end like really have nothing to do with our project. We stick to our plan and try to deliver the best results we can.


17.What is the ultimate goal of the NBTC

The next generation of BTC that is adopted by ppl all over the world.


18.What’s the main utility for NBTC? Do you have any plans to have it on its own blockchain? Any partnerships that you are working on?

The main utility will be a currency just like BTC but better. Currently, we are looking for good projects for partnerships.


19.How far dev commitment to keep Sustainable and develop this coin?

Till the roadmap is fulfilled.


20.When Binance? I believe in you love NBTC

 Really hard to say, we will try everything/ possible to get us listed there.

21.What your name?

Jason wood.


22.How many tokens does the dev team own?

 8.38% of the total supply which is 1,760,000.


23.How does the auto farm work?

ALL Holders get 1% of each NBTC transaction that happened on the chain.


    24. Fees to get listed on CEX?

    We get one quotation from a small CEX which asks for 10,000 USD.